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Automatic Re-Winder (For Carbon Fibers)

Product ID: KTAW-1-125-KTAW-2-150

single spindle / 125mm(150mm)


Mechanical bobbin doffer. Carbon fiber, aramid fiber, glass fiber, ceramic fiber,
bulletproof fiber, chemical fiber, rayon, etc.
Must do the winding test to make sure whether the above fibers would be proper to wind or not.
Automatic Bobbin Change System:
Bobbin changer contains 10 bare bobbins.
When package is wound up to preset length, the package will be doffed and transferred to full package magazine automatically.
After 10 packages are wound continuously and the full package magazine is full, the winder stops winding. Safety device for oversize winding.
Full automatic control device by computer system:
All figures are set and displayed on the screen.
Winding speed.
Preset winding length.
Display current winding length.
The total number of packages.
The current number of packages.
Detailed alarm message.

Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. CHI, Yung-Chi
Contact:Vincent S.C.Wei
Address:No. 35, Lane 734, Sec. 3, Sha Tien Rd. Ta-Tu Township Taichung County, 432 Taiwan