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Automatic Sewing Thread Cross Cone Winder (4 Spindles)

Automatic Sewing Thread Cross Cone Winder (4 Spindles)

Automatic Cross Cone Winder

Product ID: TN-35E- A

auto economic type / mechanical doffer.

  • Circulating oiling tank. (With vacuum pump, filter.)
  • Hot circulating oiling tank. (With vacuum pump, filter, heater & temperature controller.)
  • Powerful Multi-function
    • Auto bobbin feeder and doffing system
      • Doffer automatic stops when bobbins run out.
      • Mechanical system. No pneumatics, air quality, or air pressure to affect the service life and performance of the machine.
      • Quick action, accurate timing, and durable.
      • 8 second doffing time.
    • Individual spindle control
      • LCD display.
      • Yarn length measured by computer, not rollers or wheels. Accuracy within 0.5%.
      • Yarn speed adjustable from 300 to 1,200 meters/pr minute.
      • Uniform thread lubrication due to constant yarn speed.
      • The oiling roller speed is adjustable and proportional to the yarn speed.
      • Density adjustment with different yarn specifications.
      • Automatic thread layer option.
      • 250 sets of memory functions with production quantity preset.
    • Drum thread-guidance system
      • High speed, low noise drum.
      • Drum with special hardened polish treatment, smooth & wear resist.
    • Circulating oil system
      • Centralized oil tank feeds 24 spindles.
      • Spindle independent oil filter and filler for consistent trouble-free operation.
      • Easy to clean, detachable filters.
      • Oversized oil fenders and troughs to minimize oil loss and cleaning.
    • Electro-magnetic tensioner
      • Automatic tension release throughout the cycle for consistent winding tension.
  • Other characteristics
    • High speed operation, 5 to 6 times faster than conventional models.
    • Supports a wide variety of bobbins from 0'00" to 5'57" degrees.
    • Sensitive, contact free thread detector.
    • Automatic door lock during operation.
    • Small footprint design.
  • CE
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • FOB: Taichung/Taiwan, Keelung/Taiwan
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. CHI, Yung-Chi
Contact:Vincent S.C.Wei
Address:No. 35, Lane 734, Sec. 3, Sha Tien Rd. Ta-Tu Township Taichung County, 432 Taiwan